120 policemen are deployed in Uruapan after the killing of 19 people

The government of the Mexican state Michoacan announced that 120 policemen from the Secretariat of Public Security will be deployed after 19 bodies were found.

Israel Patrón Reyes, the Secretary of Public Security of Michoacan, stated that the deployment of 120 policemen also included seven drones for specific tasks, as well as personnel trained for the surveillance from the C5.

“There will not be a step back in the fight against crime, we will remain firm in the instruction and determination of Governor Silvano Aureoles of zero tolerance against those who seek to destabilize our state” stated Patrón Reyes.

With the arrival of the 120 policemen, there are now 200 policemen from the Secretariat of Public Security, plus 180 personnel from the newly formed National Guard and the local police.

In Thursday last week, 19 bodies were found either hanging or dismembered near a bridge in Uruapan. A banner was also displayed on the bridge reading a warning to rival gang members “We want to make clear whoever helps La Chatarra, Ronal, Ratón, Moto, Mono Verde, Maniaco or Filos will end up like this.”

Supposed members of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación said the cartel was responsible for incident, and stated that the message was directed against “Los Viagra”.

With information from El Financiero

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