Women in Mexico City protest against alleged police rapes

Thousands of women in Mexico City wielding spray paint and and smoke protested in Mexico City against a string of alleged sexual attacks by police officers.

The demonstration became known as the “glitter protests” after activists earlier this week doused the city’s police chief, Jesús Orta, in pink glitter.

The protesters vandalized several nearby buildings, including the Angel of Independence monument with spray paint that said things such as “damned pigs”, “murderers” and “rapists”.

From El Universal

During the protests several reporters were attacked, including Juan Manuel Jimenez, who was knocked out by a man in a white shirt.

From El Universal

According to the police chief, 34 people were injured, including 13 police officers, two bystanders and a fire fighter.

This week, an auxiliary policeman was held on trial for charges of raping a young female employee in a city museum.

City prosecutors have stated that there are some inconsistencies in an accusation made against several police officers by a woman who alleges she was raped in a earlier this month in a patrol car.

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